West Berkeley

Co-Roasting Spaces – Building Coffee Communities

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From Cold Shell to Hot Property!

CNBC — The Black Squirrel is an independent, woman-owned yarn and fabric retail shop located in Berkeley, California. Owner Chase

How Temporary Stores are Changing Retail in the Bay Area

MERCURY NEWS — With the holiday season in full swing, pop-up shops seem to be everywhere. Once primarily a tool

Gourmet Chef Switches From Kitchen to Food Startups

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL — Most startups that are innovating meat or dairy alternatives are led by engineers or biologists.

SLM Spotlight: Ketér Salon

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The New Cafes of 2018: Clean Lines, Charisma and Quality

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Painters that Have Passion

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE — The complete roster of artists at this stunning gallery are proud to showcase their passion for

Their Passion for Place

OUTDOOR PAINTER — Seventeen painters with a serious passion for place — and painting — will soon be presenting their