West Berkeley


Breaking the sound barrier in West Berkeley with precision manufacturing

BERKELEYSIDE — There’s a door near a small sign at the end of a block on San Pablo Avenue in


Berkeley Startup EnChroma Brightens the Vision of the Colorblind

BERKELEYSIDE — Don McPherson liked to wear his special glasses when he played Ultimate Frisbee in Santa Cruz back in


Mark Cuban Just Invested $550,000 in a Vegan Dog Treats Company on ‘Shark Tank’

CNBC — Many entrepreneurs who walk into the tank on ABC’s “Shark Tank” with sky-high valuations climbing into the millions


An epicenter for some of the East Bay’s best food makers

BERKELEYSIDE — In late 2013, The Berkeley Kitchens opened as a commercial cooking and prep space for local artisan food businesses. As


Berkeley’s CoRo sets standard in coffee sharing by helping other brands

Bay Area CoRoasters – known as CoRo – is a leading example of the sharing economy permeating a number of


Metro Lighting upcycles for illumination

BERKELEYSIDE — The concept of transformation matters to Christa Rybczynski and Lawrence Grown, be it something as small as a


West Berkeley Microguide

BRAVO YOUR CITY — Come explore all the wonderful dining, shopping and libations on Fourth Street in Berkeley.Curated by Visit Berkeley


Co-Roasting Spaces – Building Coffee Communities

COLLABORATIVE COFFEE SOURCE — Co-roasting spaces such as Bay Area CoRoasters (or CoRo for short) are crucial businesses in the specialty coffee


From Cold Shell to Hot Property!

CNBC — The Black Squirrel is an independent, woman-owned yarn and fabric retail shop located in Berkeley, California. Owner Chase


How Temporary Stores are Changing Retail in the Bay Area

MERCURY NEWS — With the holiday season in full swing, pop-up shops seem to be everywhere. Once primarily a tool