Berkeley is a natural home for businesses that celebrate an independent spirit, diversity of thought, progressive values, and a focus on quality.

Berkeley companies are regularly breaking boundaries and reinventing the future. Unlike most cities that are dominated by a few companies or industries, Berkeley is defined by its incredible diversity of creative invention. Over 5,000 small businesses, more than 300 innovative startups, award-winning theatre groups, and trendsetting enterprises in industries as distinct as bioengineering, horticulture, and craft brewing bring a unique diversity and dynamism to Berkeley’s business community. Berkeley’s Office of Economic Development (OED) assists businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and community organizations to access services, feel welcome in Berkeley, and thrive.

5 Tools to Help Grow a Business in Berkeley

  1. Access City of Berkeley assistance and resources.
  2. Plug in to Berkeley’s innovation ecosystem.
  3. Go green (and get recognized).
  4. Connect with businesses in your commercial district.
  5. Tag @DiscoveredinBerkeley when you promote your business on Instagram.

These organizations are here to help

Find general resources to get started

Get help navigating the permitting process, identifying a location in Berkeley, or finding other resources.

Get personalized advice and support

Free one-on-one advising to help Berkeley’s small businesses and non-profit organizations that are at risk of displacement or closure.

Explore co-ops, collectives and more

Helping businesses and communities discover the power of employee ownership.

Expand your business

Free technical assistance for established businesses that are planning for expansion.

Secure funding

Financing for start-up and early-stage small businesses

Connect with other local businesses

Get involved with monthly business-to-business networking events, workshops to improve business success, and advocacy for city policies that support Berkeley businesses.