The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook Celebrates the Unusual and Unknown

McLively Rotator

CAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, UC BERKELEY — When I go to Berkeley Bowl with Laura McLively, I immediately feel like a tourist, too delighted to keep my cool among the rows of citrus and loose leafy greens. Used to produce sold in hard plastic clamshells at my Los Angeles Trader Joe’s, I marvel at the wall of eggplants, not just purple but white, green, and some—like the tiny, speckled Indian graffiti eggplant—all three colors at once. In the mushroom section, McLively walks me through the different varieties: the honeycomb morel, the ramen strand emperor’s club, the golden ear that looks like cauliflower, and the cauliflower that looks like lace. I want to taste them all.

CAL Alumni Association - UC Berkeley

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